Being a HYBRID PUBLISHING House, we list the Books of our Authors on Online Platforms as well as in Physical Book-Stores!

We are the only Publishing Company in the whole of Publishing Industry, which publishes E-BOOKS for FREE that too with ISBN.

We ensure the Availability of our Authors' Books in BOOK FAIRS across the Globe &  launch our Authors in Literature Festivals!

We are known for our FAST SERVICE and we guarantee the Publishing of Paperback Version in a Record-Time of Just 20-Days.

About Us & Our Philosophy

PUFFINS PUBLISHERS Private Limited is a Global HYBRID (Self + Traditional) PUBLISHING House.

Being a Hybrid Publishing Company, we provide the merits of both Self & Traditional Publishing to our Authors!

Our Team of Dedicated Professionals aims to provide a "Faster Service" to all Our Authors by publishing of their Books in a shorter span of time, which gives the Authors, the opportunity to make an early & desired release their Books.

We have a Philosophy that it's the efforts of the Committed Authors, which builds up a Publishing Company. Therefore, we make sure to pay the favor back to Our Authors by placing their Books at the maximum number of Physical Bookstores across the country!


Our Free E-BOOK Publishing Scheme


We believe that all those Writers, who desires to reach out to the world with their writings deserves the right to tell their stories to the world even if they are lacking the resources to get published & they are most welcomed by PUFFINS PUBLISHERS.

So, our company had decided to publish E-BOOKS for FREE that too with International Standard Book Number (ISBN), being the only Company to provide this service in the whole of Publishing Industry!

Our Tie-Ups with Mainstream Media

PUFFINS PUBLISHERS Private Limited is having Tie-Ups with the Major Mainstream Media Houses in order to provide exposure to Our Authors & promote their work on a much huge stage.

To mention, Sanchar Times Media Group, a New Delhi based Print & Electronic Media House is OUR MEDIA PARTNER.

Having tie-up with ST Media Group, we proudly guarantee the Publicity of Our Authors & their Books on Mainstream Media Platforms such as Print Magazines, Web Portals, Various News Websites, Weekly Newsletters & YouTube Channels too!


Our Strong Chain of Distribution


We have a very Strong Chain of Distribution in whole of country. Moreover, we have our networks abroad too & we are probably the only Publishing Company to guarantee the placement of Our Authors' Books in International Book Fairs too!

You can find the Books of PUFFINS PUBLISHERS in almost every bookstore around you, such wide is our Chain of Distribution.

We proudly say it that our books are placed with some of top books of the world in bookstores around you.