Well, our BOOK BASKET Scheme is simply an opportunity for the Readers to fulfill their bucket list or reading targets.

So, here we are with this Book-Basket Scheme, which totally focuses to fulfill the needs & requirements of the Readers' Ecosystem!

Readers can avail the benefits of this 'Reading-Goal Fulfilling Scheme' by just paying a One-Time Fees of Rs. 1,600/- INR and avail Books Worth Rs. 3,200/- INR during a year with Free Delivery.

Readers would be given the freedom to make the choice of the 'Genres' they desire to read & we'll ship them books (of other publishers as well) based upon the genre chosen by them. Readers will get 1 Book each month with 'Free Delivery' & they'll continue to receive the benefits for 12 Months!

Hence, in order to enroll in our BOOK BASKET Scheme all you need is to fill out the 'Google Form' given below & we'll note your preferences and parcel you the books accordingly.

Google Form: