Article 21-A of the Indian Constitution talks about providing Free & Compulsory Education to all Children in the age group of 6 to 14 as a Fundamental Right. This noble act is also known as RIGHT To EDUCATION. We believe that the "Right To Education" can be successful only when the Citizens will work in partnership with Government towards fulfilling the needs of those children, who needs Education but lacks the financial means to achieve it.

BOOK DONATION Program by Puffins Publishers Private Limited is just a small way to make a Contribution for those children, who are studying in the Government Schools but lacks the means to buy books, stationary items and other necessities!

So, we urge you to kindly participate in this noble cause & help PUFFINS PUBLISHERS PVT LTD in fulfilling the dreams of all those children, who are in dire need of our support & encouragement. You can choose to 'Donate Any Amount' for this cause & we will make sure to recognize your Precious Contribution by issuing you a CERTIFICATE Of CONTRIBUTION Towards Noble Cause.

Just make sure to send us the 'Transaction Slip' of the Donation made by you at this WhatsApp Contact: +91-9899519709 along with your full name!

You can choose to Donate by scanning this QR Code, present in this page or if you are going to Donate via UPI, then you can use our UPI ID, i.e. 9899519709@paytm. In addition, if you're looking to make Bank Transfer then please check out the details below -

Account Number - 201003630793
Account Type - Current Account

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