1) What is Hybrid Publishing? Why is Hybrid Publishing better than Self Publishing and Traditional Publishing?

Hybrid Publishing is a Publishing-Model in which the aspects of both Traditional Publishing as well as Self Publishing is combined. The basic aim of this model is to provide the benefits of both the types of publishing, which is also the mission of PUFFINS PUBLISHERS Private Limited.

Hybrid Publishing is better than both Self & Traditional Publishing because it simply combines the benefits of both the types of publishing. It's a fact that there exists a certain degree of inefficiency in both the models of publishing, i.e. Traditional & Self Publishing! For instance, Traditional Publishers takes a great amount of time of approve the manuscript & publish it while Self Publishers only lists the books on the various online platforms whereas the very enterprising model of HYBRID PUBLISHING makes sure that the manuscript gets approved soon & publishing takes place in no time & the books also gets placed in the physical bookstores along with getting listed on various online platforms! So, to make the procedure of publishing, "Author-Friendly" we at, Puffins Publishers also follow the Hybrid Publishing Model.

2) Can a Book be Re-Published with same or altered Manuscript? How to submit your Manuscript to get your Books Published by us?

Yes, of course a Book can be Re-Published, either with the same manuscript or with an altered one. But, when a Book gets Re-Published then it requires a new International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and also the new Publishing Company gets the right over the new edition of the book.

The procedure of submitting your Manuscript to PUFFINS PUBLISHERS is very simple, all you need to do is to: (A) Assemble your Complete MANUSCRIPT in one single MS WORD File. (B) Email us your complete manuscript at our official email address: puffinspublishers@gmail.com & mention the subject of your email as “Manuscript Submission” while sending us your script.

3) Why did PUFFINS PUBLISHERS choose to work on the Hybrid Publishing Model? How is PUFFINS PUBLISHERS different from other Publishing Houses?

PUFFINS PUBLISHERS Private Limited choose the Hybrid Publishing Model to serve the Budding Authors in much better ways to get Published & Established. Being a Hybrid Publishing House, we make sure to place Our Authors' Books in Physical Bookstores (Like the Traditional Publishers) and also to get them listed on the various Online Platforms (Like the Self Publishing Companies). Also, we process the Submitted Manuscript really fast, wasting no time in the Publishing Procedure of the Book; As our aim is to provide Our Authors the best of both the kinds of publishing in our Hybrid Publishing Model.

We are different from other Publishing Houses not only because we provide the "Most Economical Service" and the "Fastest Publishing Procedure" but also because we are the only company in the whole of Publishing Industry to Publish E-BOOKS For FREE along with the ISBN in order to help the Budding Authors in their growth. We make sure that all Our Authors grow to become a BEST-SELLER! We are one of those few companies who places Our Books in BOOK FAIRS across the Globe and launches Our Potential Authors in the various LITERATURE FESTIVALS taking place. We also, EXPORT Our Books INTERNATIONALLY with the target of reaching the Global Book Lovers & make a mark at the International Literary Society!

4) Why you should choose PUFFINS PUBLISHERS to get your Book Published? Why do we Publish E-BOOKS for FREE that too with ISBN Number?

Well, there are numerous reasons for you to choose PUFFINS PUBLISHERS to get your book published, such as we provide the MOST ECONOMICAL Publishing Packages in whole of Publishing Industry; Also we promise that we carry out the FASTEST PUBLISHING Procedure; We place your Books in the PHYSICAL BOOKSTORES and we also lists them on every ONLINE PLATFORMS; We issue a LICENSED CERTIFICATES to Our Authors; We carry out an intensive SALES & MARKETING for Our Books; We give Our Authors MAINSTREAM MEDIA ASSISTANCE for their publicity; We take Our Books to BOOK FAIRS & LIT FESTS around the Globe; We provide service to Our Authors even after the Publishing Procedure gets completed through Our DEDICATED TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS.

But, most importantly we believe that all those Writers, who desires to reach out to the world with their writings deserves the right to tell their stories to the world even if they are lacking the resources to get published & they are most welcomed by PUFFINS PUBLISHERS. So, our company had decided to publish E-BOOKS for FREE that too with International Standard Book Number (ISBN), being the only Company to provide this service in the whole of Publishing Industry!

5) How does our Professional Team help you in the Publishing procedure and thereafter?

Once, you submit your Complete Manuscript to us on Our Official Email Address with the Appropriate Subject then all you have to sit back and relax since, Our Team will contact you within 12 Hours & you’ll be further guided by Our Professionals in the publishing process.

Also, we keep in touch with all Our Authors, even after the completion of the Publishing Process to give them further assistance in the activities related to AUTHOR PUBLICITY and BOOK PROMOTION. Moreover, any request made by Our Authors is considered very professionally & taken care by us long after the publishing of their books!

6) What will be the Royalty Share to Our Authors? When will the Authors get paid their Royalty Amount?

The Royalty Share, which PUFFINS PUBLISHERS offers to Our Authors differs from Author to Author depending upon the Publishing Package selected by the Authors at the time of getting their books published. In Puffins Publishers the "Royalty Percentage" is based on the simple formula of Evaluation of the Publishing Packages; The higher the package, the higher will be the Royalty Share!

In general, the Authors gets paid when their Royalty Amount reaches the threshold of Rs. 1,000/- but there's is no hard & fast rule as such since we stand flexible in this matter! So, we stay open to transfer the Royalty Amount to Our Authors as per their requests, even when the criterion of fulfilling the minimum threshold amount is not reached by the authors.

7) How does Our Authors get benefited from our Tie-Up with Sanchar Times Media Group?

PUFFINS PUBLISHERS Private Limited is having Tie-Ups with the Major Mainstream Media Houses in order to provide exposure to Our Authors & promote their work on a much huge stage. To mention, Sanchar Times Media Group, a New Delhi based Print & Electronic Media House is OUR MEDIA PARTNER.

Having tie-up with ST Media Group, we proudly guarantee the Publicity of Our Authors & their Books on Mainstream Media Platforms such as Print Magazines, Web Portals, Various News Websites, Weekly Newsletters & YouTube Channels too!