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Author NIVEDITA ROY, whose Book, “GALLERY DE’ HEART” which got published worldwide by Puffins Publishers Private Limited on Monday, 15th of December 2020, has been interviewed by NEEL PREET, who is Amazon India 4th BEST-SELLING Author, a Literary Editor, Columnist and Book Reviewer.

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Author’s Background: The Author NIVEDITA ROY is a teacher by profession. Presently she teaches in an American Curriculum school in the Kingdom of Bahrain. She belongs to the city of Lucknow. Her educational qualifications include M.A. in English Literature (Lucknow University) and B.Ed. (I.T. College, Lucknow).

She pursues writing as a passion and loves to express herself through her writings and recitals. She is a bilingual author and poetess. She had also co-authored 3 Anthologies recently. Her inspiration is her late father whom she held in high esteem.

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Neel Preet: First of all, Big Congratulations ma’am on your debut book, “Gallery de’ Heart” well, you’ve achieved something remarkably huge! So, what’re your expectations from this book of yours? Please share your experience about this book.

Nivedita Roy: Thanks a lot, Puffins has been a great source of guidance in this achievement. This book is like a child so precious. I hope that my creations are able to appeal to the readers. Those are heartfelt words that I penned and I hope they touch many more hearts. There are heartfelt emotions expressed in each poem, like all other writers and poets. I am looking forward to my book being widely accepted. I hope the book connects with a wide spectrum of people of all ages. I feel youth, middle age and senior citizens, they all will find relatable stories in my poems.

Neel Preet: I’ve read your book and I genuinely feel that it’s a wonderful collection of “Experience Based Emotional Poems” so my next question to you is that what inspired you to write these poems? What was the impetus behind this work of yours?

Nivedita Roy: My driving force to writing is, was and will be my father. He is not physically present but I feel him whenever I hold the pen. He was a very learned man who appreciated and valued reading and writing. His passing away has broken me within. The inspiration to write each of my poems has either been my own experience or the happenings around me, human relations, nature, nature’s beauty. Atrocities on women affect me greatly. It’s my dream to see a society where women are treated like they should be-with respect. I value nature a lot and am amazed at the wonders it surprises us with besides being a provider to us humans.

Neel Preet: You have given an interesting title to your Poetry-Collection Book, which is undoubtedly very catchy too; so, what made you go for this particular title for your book?

Nivedita Roy: Gallery de’ heart…….is genuinely a gallery of my heart! Each poem has been like a painting hanging in a frame in my heart’s gallery. Emotions have a direct connection with the heart and so do all my poems. I had been writing since a long time but publishing was not in the mind. But once I started my personal blog on fb, the urge to express more to a larger audience started growing in the heart. Hence the visual of the framed emotions just came alive. After contemplating many other titles, this name just clicked with my daughter and I. Neel you too, have contributed in selecting this name.

Neel Preet: While reading your book, I sensed that your poems are conveying some message and if so, then could you please discuss that with your readers.

Nivedita Roy: As you have observed, my poems follow a series of love, romance, parental love, melancholy and then hope in life again. The message is to enjoy and experience each moment life offers and then pick a leaf of learning from each of those. It’s very clichéd but a fact – life is the biggest teacher. Everyone has their share of ups and downs. We got to face life as it comes. We can just journey through and live each moment with gratitude. Being positive and “clinging on to the rope of hope is the best way to live.”

Neel Preet: These days a lot of writers are coming out with their books but only a few of them come out with ‘Poetry’ which I believe is a bold step so, my next question to you is that why did you choose Poetry to express yourself? And why not Short-Stories when that too could have served the purpose?

Nivedita Roy: In my case, my heart rules my head! I am a sensitive and emotional person. So when I used to just doodle and scribble in my diary I ended up with poems. I expressed my words comfortably in poems. So my hope is that what came from the heart will reach many hearts. And coincidentally, that you mention now, I have been given the title of bold and beautiful many times (just for fun). But yes, the thought of writing stories is taking shape in my future plans in this journey.

Neel Preet: Your poems had some really strong emotions and stories inside them, which had greatly impressed me and thus I would like you to explain the overall theme of your book!

Nivedita Roy: I can summarise the overall theme as the journey of human emotions and relationships. These can range from love, breakups, friends or work place, family life, humans and nature. It covers a whole gamut of emotions that a person would experience in one’s life.

Neel Preet: Ma’am your writing seemed to be really impeccable and you were bold with your poems in your book, which I really appreciate. Therefore, I want you to tell us about some of those writers, who had inspired you and whom you follow!

Nivedita Roy: It is tough to choose! But yes I can mention those close to heart are William Wordsworth, John Keats,Paulo Coelho,Mahadevi Verma, Sarojini Naidu ,Javed Akhtar, Manoj Muntashir, late Dr Rahat Indori and many more. The world of literature is like an ocean, the more we dive in, the deeper it is. Also I have been a student of literature in my graduation and PG too. Now I am a teacher of English language. It’s a part of life. There are so many pearls to choose from……

Neel Preet: Is there any message which you would like to convey to your readers? Or any piece of advice, which you would like to give to the readers out there!

Nivedita Roy: To all the fellow readers and lovers of literature, Literature is the mirror of our society, our culture and our traditional values. One has to stay connected to literature, of course along with science and technology, to develop a progressive thought process, values and build a strong cohesive social fabric. keep reading, keep encouraging new writers.

Neel Preet: Are there any other books being worked by you? Please let us know about your future projects.

Nivedita Roy: Yes, I am looking forward to a book in Hindi language now. I am working on it. Hindi is my mother tongue with a dash of urdu as I am a proud Lucknowite! It will be a collection of poems in Hindi. Also, I am keen to explore the world of story writing too. Hence all my efforts will focus on these two future projects.

Neel Preet: Thank you so much ma’am for answering all my questions. All the very best to you for future and your book too!

Nivedita Roy: Thanks to you and the entire team of Puffins Publishers for your strong support and professional endeavours. You all have been a great partner in this new journey and hope this partnership continues for future projects too.

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