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Author PRACHI PRANGYA AGASTI whose Romantic-Fiction Novel, “ALMOST: Story Of Darya & Qamar” which got published worldwide by Puffins Publishers Private Limited on 20th of August 2021, has been interviewed by NEEL PREET, who is Amazon India 4th BEST-SELLING Author, Literary Editor, Columnist & a Book Reviewer!

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Author’s Background: A 26 years old MBA Grad, now working in Schneider Electric as a Manager-HR, Prachi Prangya Agasti was introduced to the enchanting world of literature and art by her family since her early days. Growing up with the constant support of the people around her, she had always desired to touch millions of hearts through her words that express untold emotions.

From listening to stories from her grandfather to the times spent admiring literature by reading poems of Plath, Keats, and Wordsworth in her school, she has always been passionate about writing and the desire to be recognized amongst budding writers got stuck in her heart for a long time. She always had bits and pieces of an undying love story, with a longing to put it into words. She took a step for the first time in 2015 and came up with ‘Just Once’ and certainly her foray into writing didn’t just end with her debut novel. She has also been a part of an anthology on friendship, a collection of short stories by Shades publications, ‘Friendship-bonds beyond time’.

Subsequently, she also published a collection of 14 short stories, ‘White Night Moonbeams’ based on the multiple shades of human emotions. Published by Authorspress, India this collection was followed by another collection of short stories and poems named ‘Freefall’. She has also recently published her fourth, novel named ‘Dance with me’, an intense love story between two estranged lovers who cannot let go of their emotions even after separation. She has debuted with her collection in poetry, ‘Empty Roads and Broken Words’ by Authorspress, New Delhi in 2018.

Her latest creation is ‘DEAREST LOVE: A Collection Of Poems’, by Puffins Publishers is engraved with words depicting a series of emotions the protagonist feels in her journey of love. These words aren’t just mere words but feelings that we harbour with hope within us; hope, that exists because love does, because he does. Besides being a writer in fiction, she is an avid reader and also has a great passion for painting.

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Neel Preet: Big Congratulations to you Miss Prachi on your 7th published book, “ALMOST: Story Of Darya & Qamar” you’ve achieved another huge feather to your cap at an age, so young! So, what are your expectations from this book?

Prachi Prangya Agasti: I believe the stories of Darya and Qamar would touch everyone’s hearts and through their tale of love I seek to be a companion in loneliness, a cure to the disaster engulfing people’s lives. I believe love is the strongest and the most beautiful emotion there is and in every form, it reflects purity. Even if the love lasts for a brief time, it still brings joy and peace to your heart.

Neel Preet: After reading your book, I genuinely loved the storyline & felt truly inspired by your craft. So could you please tell us what inspired you to write these stories & what was the impetus behind this work of yours?

Prachi Prangya Agasti: I was inspired by the concept of love between the sea and the moon. Darya is endless like the sea and the moon, Qamar can never bridge the distance even if his heart longs to be dive into the depths of the waves. Somehow he is held back by the boundaries but he could never stop surrendering his heart to her love.

Neel Preet: The title & the sub-title of your book tells a story, which undoubtedly makes it an interesting pick; so, could you please explain the philosophy behind your Book-Title?

Prachi Prangya Agasti: Unfinished stories are indeed the most beautiful ones, a love that is unfortunately bound by the apprehensions of this world. These are some stories that never reach their shores, such as the story between Darya and Qamar. They were almost, close to what we believe cease to exist. When I started writing about Darya and Qamar, every detailed moment, feeling made me believe in magic, at least close to it. Hence ‘Almost’.

Neel Preet: Well, this is your second book with Puffins Publishers Pvt Ltd, so could you please tell us your experience with our Publishing House & what made you choose us once again?

Prachi Prangya Agasti: It has been an amazing experience with Puffins Publishers India, I have always been appreciative of people who work hard to follow what they believe in and I find this publishing house strives hard to make the dreams and notions of a writer about publishing a book come true. They catered to my needs, made a note of what I expected and tried the best on their end to support me in every possible way. Hence I wanted to publish with them again.

Neel Preet: Your previous book, ‘DEAREST LOVE’, which was a poetry collection made an impressive impact last year, in both paperback & e-book formats. So, what made you come out with a Short-Story collection this time, rather than poetry?

Prachi Prangya Agasti: As much as I love poetry, I also like compiling short stories that would connect with my audience. I wanted to portray my ideas in a different style to beautifully bring out conversations, moments and put them into words. I feel many people love to read stories that they feel are intricately carrying the weight of their hearts. So I wanted to be a writer who could put people’s heartfelt emotions into words.

Neel Preet: Your stories had some strong emotions inside them, which is indeed impressive, so could you please explain the overall theme of your book!

Prachi Prangya Agasti: ‘Almost’ is a story between two people who are pulled apart by boundaries they could never get over. The stories are inspired by the remembrances and longings that persist between them despite the chaos. The stories depict a journey of love how it battles with itself and then with the world, how it blossoms, loses hope, revives, sacrifices and strives for survival. The love between Darya and Qamar emphasize vulnerability, delicacy, passion and depth between two people who are trying hard to be together, just like the sea and the moon.

Neel Preet: Miss Prachi your writing seemed to be impeccable & you were bold with the stories in your book, which I really appreciate. Therefore, I want you to tell us about some of those writers, who had inspired you & whom you follow!

Prachi Prangya Agasti: I am always inspired by people who pour out their heart in form of words. I follow many writers who do so much justice to our heart’s feelings when we read them. Some of my favorite authors in Romantic Fiction are Judith Mcnaught and Julie Garwood. I also follow many writers on Instagram whose works are just stunning.

Neel Preet: Is there any piece of advice or any kind of message, which you would like to convey to your readers?

Prachi Prangya Agasti: We are moments floating in a vastness of endless possibilities. We need to keep dreaming, running after what we love to do, what gives us peace and happiness. We need to fall and apart and then come back stronger. Find the passion for your heart, may it be in any form or no form at all. Your passion is reflected in how your eyes sparkle at a certain moment. You will know.

Neel Preet: Are there any other books being worked on by you? Please let us know about your future projects.

Prachi Prangya Agasti: There are some projects in the pipeline. Poetry, stories and a novel, everything is in progress, let’s hope to see it soon, you and me both.

Neel Preet: Thanks a lot for answering my questions; I hope that the readers would have enjoyed your interview. All the very best to you for the future & your book too!

Prachi Prangya Agasti: Thank you so much for this and your support. I hope I inspire and touch people’s hearts as I wish to.

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