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Author ROHINI NIJAMPURE, who got her Juvenile Action & Adventure Novel, “SWARNA And The MAGICAL FOREST” published worldwide by Puffins Publishers Private Limited on 25th of March 2022, has been interviewed by NEEL PREET, who is a Best-Selling Author, Literary Editor, Columnist & a Professional Book Reviewer!

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Author’s Background: The Author, ROHINI NIJAMPURE is a software developer who lives in Bangalore with her family. When not at work, she can be seen net surfing, reading books, watching movies or traveling. In her free time, she also writes stories & sketch pictures! She was raised in a typical Indian household. Her father was an Army Officer & her mother worked as a Teacher, who always encouraged her reading & intellectual developments. She developed a love for reading as a child; she was often seen at the local library reading adventure, fantasy & mystery novels especially from Authors like Ruskin Bond and Satyajit Ray.

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Neel Preet: Firstly, Big Congratulations on your book, “SWARNA And The MAGICAL FOREST!” You have achieved something remarkably huge! What are the responses you are receiving for this book of yours?

Rohini Nijampure: The responses have been great so far! Never thought the book would do this well, it’s truly touching when a reader reaches out and sends in a note of encouragement or appreciation. The responses I got from children and parents alike have been overwhelming!

Neel Preet: Since it’s a ‘Children’s Fiction’ title with some incredible illustrations, which is a challenging job! Therefore, could you please share your experience regarding the making of this book & the support you received from the Puffins Publishers team!

Rohini Nijampure: Our country has a rich historical literature in the form of folklore, Panchatantra and Upanishad etc. I didn’t have to look further to get inspirations for my stories. It just needed to be put in a lovable book format! That job was perfectly done by Puffins Publishers, I am eternally grateful to them for bringing my stories to life by lending their expertise, it was an exhilarating experience working with their brilliant team of dedicated people! Just love the final output of the book, couldn’t have imagined it better!

Neel Preet: You have given an interesting title to your Children’s Picture Storybook, which undoubtedly is catchy too. So, what made you go for this title for your book?

Rohini Nijampure: For centuries, the forests have captured people’s imagination. Back then when forests were dense and mostly inaccessible, people would make up stories of ghosts and monsters living in them. Nevertheless, magic as such is something that opens up limitless possibilities. What better title to maintain that bit of mystery and fun than – Swarna and the magical forest!

Neel Preet: The illustrations in the book are indeed alluring. Therefore, what was your in your mind that made you go for such rich and beautiful illustrations in your book?

Rohini Nijampure: I am a mother myself; I know what kind of books I would like my kid to read, a book without pictures is something no child would enjoy, I felt the stories deserved something that would spark the readers imagination, give flight to their fantasy, so I made sure the book had colourful images to match the story they conveyed.

Neel Preet: Apart from the ‘Juvenile Fictional’ category, from which other genre would you like to contribute towards the field of literature!

Rohini Nijampure: I might have a few fiction, drama and romance coming up in the future.

Neel Preet: I have read your book and loved the storyline. So, could you please explain the overall theme of your book to our readers!

Rohini Nijampure: The story is inspired by ancient Kannada folklore, But I tried to give a modern appeal to the book, so that children do not feel disconnected with the characters. The theme of the book is to have no inhibitions, to seek out new experiences and have an open mind towards people, situations and things. Its also about perspective. When we are young, we don’t listen to our elders, and think we know everything, but as we grow older, we sometimes realize that our parents (elders) were right about a lot of things we thought were unimportant or frivolous.

Neel Preet: Are there any upcoming parts of this book too? If yes then could you please provide us a brief information regarding the same!

Rohini Nijampure: Yes, I do plan to release two or three more parts in the series, where Swarna meets other interesting characters like Magician Bagha and the Serpent Prince. Perhaps another one much later, showing Swarna as a young adult! But it’s a just a plan for now.

Neel Preet: Well, your writing is truly amazing! Therefore, I want you to tell us about some of those writers, whom you follow!

Rohini Nijampure: As a kid, I was an avid reader, I still read a lot of novels, and short stories. I love reading science fiction, mysteries and classics. Honestly, I don’t follow any authors.

Neel Preet: Is there any message, which you would like to convey to your readers? Or any piece of advice that you would like to give to the readers out there!

Rohini Nijampure: One message I have for the young readers is that we should not limit ourselves by our believes of what we can do and what we can’t. Swarna is a small girl from an unknown part of a large kingdom. Never could a small girl in her place travel, meet and help the people she does in the book. The future is an unwritten thing, you can do anything, achieve anything, if you don’t limit your own self!

Neel Preet: Thank you so much for answering all my questions. All the very best to you for future and your book too!

Rohini Nijampure: Thanks Mr. Neel, it’s been incredible working with Puffins Publishers.

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