Steps carried out by PUFFINS PUBLISHERS in order to Publish & Release your Books!


  • STEP 1: MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION - Firstly, you're required to email us your MANUSCRIPT SAMPLE at by Assembling all the Sample Pages together in a single MS WORD File, which should be in A-5 Layout/Page Size. The subject of your email should be "Manuscript Submission" and make sure to mention your contact number for us to connect with you after analyzing your manuscript, which may take 48 to 72 hours. Even if your manuscript isn't selected for publishing then also, our EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT will notify you the update via email.


  • STEP 2: SELECTING PUBLISHING PACKAGE - If your manuscript gets selected for publishing then you'll be notified by us, then in that case you're required to visit the PUBLISHING PACKAGES Page on our Website and select the package, suiting your requirements the most. After making your selection for a particular Publishing Package, you're required to inform us about it. You're free to "Add-On" more services of your choice from the Higher-Package into your Selected Package, which we can customize the Services for you!


  • STEP 3: CONTRACT SIGNING - Once you select a particular publishing package & we finalize certain things like, Book-Title & other Exclusive Points as per your requirements & the needs of the situation, then we'll send you a Publishing Agreement. While, this Publishing Agreement/Contract will have all our basic terms on subjects like Copyright, ISBN, Marketing & Royalty mentioned in it point-wise. We expect you to carefully go through those details and then sign the agreement and send it back to us. Once, we'll receive the signed copy of the agreement from you then our deal would become Official and we'll be providing you all the services as mentioned the agreement.


  • STEP 4: ASSIGNING Of PROJECT MANAGER - After you receive the update of our Deal being stamped as Official, a dedicated project manager will be allotted for your book publishing process, who will be guiding you throughout this complete process right from the Editing, Designing to the Distribution & Marketing of the book. You'll be having his/her Contact as well as the WhatsApp number through you can communicate to him/her & stay updated with the progress of work. Your Project Manager will stay in touch with you even after the publishing and releasing of your book & will be guiding you in the marketing & promotions of your book.


  • STEP 5: BOOK RELEASING - When all the publishing operations would be completed then your Project Manager will discuss the Releasing Date/Time for your book. Your Project Manager will be considering a lot of plans for the marketing & promotion of your book, therefore, he/she will suggest you the most suitable time-period, for your book release. But there's no hard & fast rule that you will have to select our suggested Releasing Date only, you're free to suggest any Date of Release for your Book, which you have in mind. Thereafter, mutually finalizing this date of release, we'll release your book on this set date!