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Book Promotion & Marketing Services

PUFFINS PUBLISHERS PRIVATE LIMITED is not just a Hybrid Publishing Company but also a Full-Fledged Platform for “Book Promotions & Marketing” with the aim of serving those Writer and Authors, who aims to see their books among the List of the TOP BOOKS. More Importantly, with our Expertise-Services in this field we provide benefiting results to make your book, shine among the Top Books of the Season! Our team of dedicated professional EDITORS, REVIEWERS, INTERVIEWERS & MARKETERS thoroughly understands the requirements of your books and makes sure to give your book exactly that element which is needed to give wings to your books to make them fly high!

Our Wide Range of Book Promotional & Marketing Services includes:

  • Book Reviews
  • Author Interviews
  • Book Video Trailers
  • Google AdWords
  • Amazon Sponsored Advertising
  • Magazine Review & Interview
  • Newspaper Review & Interview
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Main-Stream Media Marketing
  • Print Media Promotional Activities
  • Amazon Kindle Promotions
  • Giveaway Programs

Well, a part from these Primary Book-Marketing Services we also carry out various “Anthology Programs” on different genres both in English as well as Hindi, in order to fulfill the dream of those Writers, who are yet to achieve their goal of becoming a Published Author!

Ever since 2019, PUFFINS PUBLISHERS PVT LTD is not just serving the Authors with Book Publishing Services but also creating a Wondrous Network along with various Book Reviewing Agencies & Book Bloggers to understand the “Needs of the Authors” and finding the various ways to fulfill those needs; Today we have successfully made tie-ups with the Top Media Houses & Established Editorial Sites of India to work out the needs of the Authors with sincerity and provide them a Result-Oriented Remarkable Services!


Broadcast Of Book Reviews & Author Interviews

PUFFINS PUBLISHERS PRIVATE LIMITED provides the basic Author Promotional Services like BOOK REVIEWS as well as AUTHOR INTERVIEWS to all our Authors and even to those Authors, who had got themselves published from any other Publishing House! Because every Author deserves to be heard on a larger & respectable Public Forum so we don't judge or restrict Authors by their publishing choices, so feel free to contact us to get your Book Reviewed or to get Yourself Interviewed.

The good news for the Authors getting Reviewed & Interviewed by us is the fact, that they get exposure by our Partner Media House, SANCHAR TIMES MEDIA GROUP. So, apart from featuring the BOOK REVIEWS and AUTHOR INTERVIEWS on our Official Website, they also get published in our 'Partner Online Editorial Site' NORTH SOUTH BLOCK with 10 Lakhs+ Views as well as in our 'Partner Print Magazine' INDIA FIRST with circulation in Delhi-NCR, which functions under the banner of our Partner Media House, ST MEDIA GROUP.